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Mums in Need - Mums In Need supports mums who have been in an abusive relationship with the father of their children.

It is designed to support them through their break up and helps them to start again and rebuild their lives, offering practical and emotional support.

I always see people waiting around at the locker area for their friends.

If they had the keyless they could get their stuff and get back to the festival area where the fun is happening.

Please find below a list of organisations which may be able to offer further help for alcohol dependency issues and other addictions.

This list is by no means exhaustive, and in particular we have not listed local alcohol support services as these are too numerous for this page.

Regardless, Boommates provide the everyday company many adults seek.

The advice below IF FOLLOWED will save you time, energy, money and frustration. The #1 rule the cops have is to catch people selling within & keep people safe. If someone asks for drugs either GIVE THEM or SAY NO..they offer you money and you do it..if it's one dollar you ass is going to jail for distribution...that's a big ass charge to fight that you will not win.

I can fit all this junk listed here in a backpack that fits easily into the smallest locker they sell.

The medium locker will easily fit 2 full sized totally packed backpacks.

Having a friend or two to live with will surely help maintain a better quality of life.

While some may choose to live with friends they have known for years, others have moved in with compatible roommates they just met.

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