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These words sum up the philosophy that lies in the foundation of our company and affects our customers, employees, and business partners alike.

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Paid in Full is a 2002 American crime drama film directed by Charles Stone III. The title of the film is taken from the 1987 album and 1987 song by Eric B. "Paid in Full" is based on three friends Azie "AZ" Faison, Rich Porter and Alpo Martinez and their professional criminal exploits.

Ace operates on the mantra that there is plenty of money to go around and that everyone can "live and maintain." While Ace is building up his drug operation, Mitch is arrested for killing a stickup man who robbed one of his workers.

Ace resists Calvin's temptations, not caring for his unsophisticated ways.

Likewise, Ace's close friend Mitch (Mekhi Phifer) is a flashy, popular drug dealer who exposes Ace to drug dealing lifestyle.

Follow people who identify as aroace or heteroromantic ace. Remember that no two people have identical experiences but try and look for common threads throughout.

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