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Men of the Village Dancers perform the choreographed Hassapiko, called Delphi, at an international festival in Seaside in 1992.

I have two Greek friends who were raised Greek Orthodox but no longer are (one’s Evangelical, one’s Catholic) because, as they put it, Christianity was all Greek to them growing up.

E Trata This dance originated in eastern Megara, on mainland Greece west of Athens. The steps alternate between "pulling in the nets" and "weaving the nets." Anna Efstathiou of Oakland taught this to us in 1983.

Haniotiko This is a Cretan syrto from the town of Hania (Chania), in western Crete.

Anna Efstathiou taught us this dance at her seminar in October 1983.

Hassapiko Hassapiko is a very popular, relatively modern Greek dance, danced to many lovely melodies.

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