Liquidating of jewish ghettos

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From that number approximately 5,000 to 7,000 survived, most due to interruption of their incarceration in Nazi camps by liberating armies; according to some estimates, up to 15,000 Lodz Jews survived the Holocaust. **Several thousand Jews from the Lodz ghetto died or were murdered in various labor camps.*Only 34 Jews deported from Vienna to Lodz were still alive when the Nazi concentrations camps were liberated. This account is culled from visits to Warsaw museums, books and pamphlets I bought in Warsaw, and site visits I made during a holiday to Warsaw.

In 1940, the synagogues were closed and Jewish prayers forbidden.Confining Jews in ghettos was not Hitler's brainchild.For centuries, Jews had faced persecution, and were often forced to live in designated areas called ghettos .Later this would simplify transport to the death camps.Nazi occupation authorities officially told the story that Jews were natural carriers of all types of diseases, especially typhus, and that it was necessary to isolate Jews from the Polish community.

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