Scep client not updating

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The solution includes both a "Server" application ( deploy on your application server) and a "Client" counterpart (ie. Not only, you can even get the client "for free", by simply downloading the Trial version of the entire Microsoft Endpoint Protection 2012 suite (trial refers to the Server Application).The other day I had an issue at a customer, where the installations of new computers ran without any errors, but once logging in, it was obvious that everything was not right.The reason why we noticed that something was wrong, was that all new computers that had been installed, were missing the SCEP client. Fewer Actions than usually for the Configuration Manager client 3.I found it took up to 10 minutes for the uninstall to release a lock on the setup files (and presumably possibly this long to actually carry out the uninstall).So after 10 mins, close the command line window, and do a search for %windir%.

Then type in the following commands at the prompt: cd c:\windows\ccmsetup ccmsetup /uninstall The cursor will just return without any confirmation of completion.With a full scan the SCEP client can still start another full scan after using it in VDI.With the build SFC command it will stop doing that.If you see a folder called ccmcache the uninstallation is definitely still running.After this, reboot your PC, and you should finally be free of the System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection client (assuming you haven’t set it up to reinstall by Group Policy or an Active System Center server).

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